The Humble Pancake

With Pancake Day nearly upon us, here at The Passage House Inn we thought we’d take a bit of time to pay homage to this most simple, yet delicious, of foods. As nearly everyone knows, legend has it that pancakes were invented as a way to use up leftover ingredients in the house ahead of a period of fasting. However, it has recently been proposed that those in the Stone Ages may have made some form of pancake using flour ground from ferns and cattails. Regardless of which of these is true, flour, eggs and milk are the staples of many a kitchen and their combination provides a versatile food, ready for any topping or customisation imaginable. But the humble pancake has come a long way from it’s thrifty, waste-prevention days.

These days, pancakes have become a positively luxurious food choice, found in even Michelin star establishments. From the fluffy, fat American version served with crispy bacon and maple syrup to the European delicate, almost transparent crepes, offered with tantalising combinations of sweet and savoury foods, there is a pancake to suit everyone. In France they make a wish before flipping their pancakes, in Australia they tend to be served cold with jam and cream (bit of a take on our cream tea perhaps?), in Sweden it is called Fettisdagen (Fat Tuesday) where they fill a round bun with marzipan and whipped cream and in Newfoundland (Canada) they bake objects with symbolic value into the pancakes. And here in England? It’ll come as no surprise to hear that we fully embrace this most scrumptious of days by using around 52 million eggs on Shrove Tuesday every year (an increase from 22 million on any other day)!

And here at The Passage House Inn you can be sure that we’ll be joining in tomorrow as we mix, cook and flip all day long! We’ll be offering a range of tantalising toppings for those of you that fancy a pancake or two but don’t have the resources to do it at home, or fancy pairing it with a cheeky pint! And don’t worry, if the savoury options don’t take your fancy, you can always choose what is arguably the nation’s favourite topping of lemon and sugar! So why not join us at The Passage House Inn in this centuries old tradition tomorrow as we mark the start of Lent in a most delicious way? Happy Pancake Day everyone!



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