Beating the New Year Blues

As of today, December is upon us and the countdown to Christmas can finally begin. For many, this is the best month of the year, filled with parties, presents and a variety of delicious drinks. The festive period brings warmth and cheer to an otherwise fairly depressing season, one that would be characterised chiefly by it’s unfavourable weather. Here at The Passage House Inn, we are delighted to be fully booked for Christmas Day itself and are very much looking forward to seeing lots of groups joining us over the coming weeks for their work parties and family gatherings. It truly is a season for thanksgiving, merriment and good times with the people you love.

However, whilst we love Christmas, we are also aware of the gloom that can fall upon us in January and February, once the decorations are packed away and everyone has gone back to work. This seasonal slump is well acknowledged by many to the point where a mathematical formula has been used to calculate ‘Blue Monday: the most depressing day of the year’ (it’s the third Monday in January if you’re interested). It makes complete sense really, all the excitement of Christmas and New Year’s Eve has fizzled out, the presents have been given, there’s no reason to go out and the weather is usually at the peak of its dreariness. I don’t blame anyone for feeling a bit glum in light of all this.

However, we’ve come up with a solution to try and bounce back after Christmas and beat the New Year blues! This year, at The Passage House Inn, we’ll be giving everyone who dines with us in December, a very special Christmas present. Think coffee shop loyalty card but with a much better rate of return! Every diner will receive a festive discount card with 8 fantastic vouchers that will be redeemable when you come back to eat and drink with us again in January and February. From a free pint of Fosters, Thatchers or Tribute when you order a main meal to a free dessert when you buy a main meal, we are offering a variety of treats that we’re excited about giving out in the New Year. So now you can fully enjoy the advent period and Christmas holidays, safe in the knowledge that you’ve got something special to look forward to even after the tree is back in the attic and the mince pies are all gone! From all of us here at The Passage House Inn, we would like to wish you Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!



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