The Finer Things

I think it’s fair to say that here at The Passage House Inn we definitely appreciate the finer things in life; good food, well selected wine, beautiful works of art… In fact, so much so that we are proud to display the works of talented local artist, Geoffrey Teece, on our walls. We also have a selection of his cards, all featuring a beautifully painted scene from around Topsham, for sale at the bar. It’s a fairly popular pairing, advertising art in eating establishments and you can understand the logic behind it. If you are enjoying a delicious, freshly cooked meal and spot a painting nearby that catches your eye, what better time to ponder on whether you want it on your wall at home than as you relax with a post dinner coffee or slice of cheesecake? 

View from the Passage

Since retiring from full time university work and moving to Devon, Geoff has made his watercolour painting ‘much more central’ in his life. Of his chosen medium he says ‘watercolour, painted freely and wet is, in my opinion, the best medium for portraying the rapidly changing softness of the temperate climate of these islands.’ (1). Interestingly, he sticks to a very specific range of colours in his painting and it obviously works as the finished artifacts are, without exception, beautifully created, soft and oh so pleasing to look at. He chooses to paint mostly places in and around Topsham, creating sublime pictures that I’m sure will soon become the pride of place in many local homes. Only a few weeks ago, at Topsham Art Group’s Summer Exhibition, his talent was further acknowledged as he won the Joy Armstrong Cup for the most popular painting in the exhibition.

After the shower, Topsham

As you can tell, we are so proud to be exhibiting his paintings and have received much positive feedback about them. We’re also very proud to be following through on our ethos of ‘supporting small and local’ by displaying the work of a very local artist. We really believe that close knit communities are built on the premise of building each other up and by supporting local businesses and people with your consumer choices. So next time you pop in for a pint or sit down for one of our delicious meals, why not take a bit more time (if you haven’t already!) to have a look at the amazing artwork adorning our walls? Or if you need a card to send to a loved one far away, don’t forget that you can buy a gorgeous watercolour scene of Topsham from just £2. In our opinion, a handmade piece of art beats a postcard any day! 

The Waterfront, Topsham

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