Spring is in the air…

Easter is almost upon us and whether you celebrate it as a religious event or just enjoy the chance to indulge in a variety of chocolately egg shaped treats, this is a festival embraced by many. It could be the four day weekend, the chocolate, the remembering of the story of Jesus or even just that it marks the beginning of Spring but it is definitely an occasion that most people get involved with, from easter egg hunts to roast lamb! Here at the Passage House Inn, we’re no exception and we’re very much looking forward to this weekend and to seeing lots of faces, both familiar and new, pass through our doors as they seek out some delicious food and good drinks this Easter.

The origin of Easter is a pagan one. The name comes from Eostre, who was the Anglo-Saxon Goddess of Spring and ‘the festival of Eostre was celebrated at the vernal equinox, when the day and night gets an equal share of the day.’ According to some, when trying to find a time to mark and celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus, Christians borrowed both the name and timing so that it would match the old Spring celebration and be more accepted. Others however, argue that the Christian festival is related more closely to the Hebrew tradition of the Jewish Passover as this celebration was apparently in full swing when Jesus was sentenced by Pilate.

Whichever version you choose to believe regarding the origins though, I think we can all agree that Easter marks a newness to the year. Winter has finally ended, flowers are blooming, the temperature is rising, small animals are being born left, right and centre and birdsong is starting to fill the air. Folk start to venture out again, to stop hibernating. As the weather becomes more pleasant, our riverside benches start to fill up and our weekends are full of the busy hum of happy people, eating, drinking and spending quality time with their family and friends. So this weekend, why not embrace the start of Spring and come on down to spend some of your Easter weekend with us? We’ll be serving traditional roasts alongside our full menu on Sunday and would love to see you! To book a table, just give us a call on 01392 873653. Happy Easter everyone!


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