Flip, and take a break

January has passed seemingly in the blink of an eye and as we enter February, here at The Passage House Inn we’re starting to get excited about the one day of the year when throwing your food is not only tolerated but encouraged I’m talking of course about Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day, just a few days away, this year falling on the 9th. From the traditional (and arguably my favourite) lemon and sugar to our mouth watering combination of brie, bacon and maple syrup, we’ll be serving a range of tantalising toppings on pancakes all day on Tuesday.

As someone who is prone to thinking too much, it has got me pondering our obsession with depriving ourselves of things in the first few bleak months of the year as we embark on New Years diets before then giving up something we usually consume regularly for lent. Historically, the word Shrove comes from Shrive which refers to a priest hearing confessions and assigning penance. It harks back to folk using up the last few ingredients in their pantry before fasting for Lent, a physical ‘Shriving’ to prepare themselves as it were. What I like about lent is that it’s not a permanent abstention from something you love but just a temporary holiday. A chance to re-balance and prioritise different areas of your life.

So, this year, come down on Tuesday and get involved with the symbolic act of ‘striving’ by sharing some scrumptious freshly cooked pancakes with us. We’ll be catering to all tastes by offering a selection of both sweet and savoury delectable toppings. From breakfast pancakes to nutella and banana, we’re confident there will be something for everyone! Regardless of whether you’re going to give up something for lent or not, it’s a good excuse to devour some delicious pancakes amongst good company!


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