It’s beginning to look a lot like…Christmas?

I don’t know about you but I swear that we start thinking about Christmas earlier and earlier every year. It was September this year that, with horror, I first spotted mince pies in the shops. Now I’m no grinch but I take serious umbrage with seeing festive treats when we’re still fitting in end-of-season BBQ trips to the beach! The cynic in me blames consumerism and big business, keen to maximise profits by getting us to buy as much as possible by starting earlier and earlier. The parent in me hates how hyper the kids are by the big day after 2 months worth of anticipation building their hopes and excitement higher and higher, beyond their ability to cope.

But the historian in me remembers being told that actually, the beginning of the bringing forward of Christmas has a nicer, more wholesome, origin. Apparently, in World War Two, folk in America were reminded that in order to get Christmas gifts and cards to their loved ones fighting in Europe in time, they needed to send them in November. Thus, shops started advertising their wares in October so that come December 25th, the brave men and women in trenches had something to remind them of home. And who can take issue with that eh?!

In addition, although I still can’t tolerate thinking about it in September, there is definitely something to be said for being organised when it comes to Christmas. Starting to gently plan come October and November means that you are much less likely to be rushing about madly at the last minute getting presents, food and decorations sorted. You can do it little by little and then actually relax and enjoy yourself in the weeks running up to Christmas, knowing that everything has been bought, wrapped and you’re ready to celebrate and spend time with the people you love.

And what better way to celebrate than sharing a meal with friends and family that you might not see on the day itself? The problem often arises of where to have said meal though. Doing it at someone’s house means that someone has to do the cooking, the clearing up and have the general stress of hosting. The answer seems obvious – have a meal out! The Passage House Inn is fast booking up for Christmas meals in December and I can see why. Just looking at the menu makes my mouth water! From Bourbon Glazed Pork Belly Chunks as one possible starter to Mince Pie Mess (an innovative festive take on the summery classic) as one of the dessert options, I think there is something here to please everyone!

December is fast approaching so why not get in touch with those you want to celebrate with, pick a date and book a table! A most delicious, delectable Christmas meal in our cosy 18th Century pub, nestled in a crook of the River Exe awaits you.

Vintage vector designed by Freepik